Marketing Through Media (and Jedi Mind Tricks)

With more than seven years of experience writing and editing for publication, broadcast, occupational literature and academic works, and six years combined public relations and marketing experience, V has learned that a successful message is about SO MUCH MORE than just getting the details RIGHT, or being able to see the BIG PICTURE.

She won’t only tell you how to fix your spelling and grammatical errors, or how to make your main character more likeable, or how to fill those pesky plot holes. And she won’t just tell you how to fix your resume or write a cover letter that doesn’t sound like the back of a Business 101 textbook. She’ll WORK WITH YOU to help you FIND your STRENGTHS and TURN UP THE VOLUME on your talent. Whether you’re an author, editor, blogger, intern, middle manager or CEO.

Most importantly, she’ll teach you how to sell your ideas…your work…and yourself. (In a good way. Not in a crossroads demon, “sell your soul” kind of way. Obviously.)

These days you can easily find V using Google, because she has written freelance articles all over the web, in addition to working in many professional capacities in the television, publishing and product marketing industries.


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